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The Swiss Model High School is multi-faith


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Share our goal of giving children hope for a brighter future.

We are dedicated to sponsoring the Swiss Model High School.


In an impoverished area of Lahore, we focus on one multi-faith school, the children and the teachers.   The teachers are part of the community; they understand how poverty impacts education.

Providing breakfast, winter uniforms, an healthy daily meal and medical camps are just a few ways we help the most deserving children.

Regular parent teacher meetings, homework club and summer study camps help maximise the learning potential of each child.

We make sure the children have fun too : take a look at the School Blog





Showing the next generation how to live together

You help set a shining example:

  • Consistent 50/50 balance of boys and girls

  • Healthy mix of Christians & Muslim students and staff, despite being in a mainly Christian area

  • Harmonious celebration of each others’ colourful festivals

  • Empowering women: mostly female staff


Your support goes a long way:

  • A safe environment for a multi faith school

  • Free education for children from underprivileged backgrounds

  • Care and assistance: free books, Medical Aid, Food and other basics

  • Employment and gender equality

  • The opportunity to break the poverty cycle

Giving back to the Basel Community

We work with CO13 to help manage many aspects of running a NGO such as banking, mailings and general enquiries.  CO13 runs a ‘Back to Work’ social rehabilitation programme, which means that you also directly help local people in Basel.

Such programmes are important!  CO13 provides an environment that helps build the personal confidence needed to adjust to working life and to learn new skills.


School News Blog

Clean drinking water

Over the years the school has added 2 new water dispensers and an electric water cooler. These provide cold clean drinking water to all the…

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School's over but not homework!

Summer camp: The long school summer holidays started on the 1st of June.  Most children will not return till the 26th August, but for classes…

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Your support is needed

Many social, political and economic factors contribute to 50% of Pakistan's population being illiterate.  Whilst the government is addressing this, it will take time to for…

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It's Yellow Day

A Kindergarten class is learning all about colours & today's colour is yellow. Active participation in learning improves information retention and more importantly, makes learning…

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Education paves the way to an empowered life

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